"Pray that my family joins me soon! Also, please, pray for my temperament to be one Spirit-controlled."

"Pray for my sisters Josie & Jen that God could continue to protect them and to help them with the things that could bring them down and to also put it in their hearts to allow God to take over their lives. Also Pray for the rest of my family: Jessica, Philip & Maii who are married and have become a family...and to open their hearts to God to let him lead their family. For my Dad who is an agnostic...Pray that God will prove to him that He is real. And Pray for the rest of my family that they all will one day surrender their lives to Christ."

"Please Pray that my mom would want to have Bible studies again...put the desire in her heart."

"Pray for my brother Marcus that he could find God now that he has joined the Navy. And for the health of my Mom and the spiritual life of my Dad. And for my sister Yesenia and brother Matthew that God could find some way to reach them."

"Pray for my family that you give the strenght to keep ongoing with loss of my mother. And that God will give me strenght too to cope with her loss."

"Pray for my Family's Health"

"Pray that my family stays united and healthy."

"Pray that you help me and give me strenght while i try to raise my 6 kids, and that God continues to provie work for me and keep us in good health."

"Pray that you protect my family and continue to give us health."

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